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2012/02/07 · seachem flourish comprehensive with seachem flourish excel smiles Beginner Planted Aquarium 3 12-25-2011 09:49 PM seachem flourish johnnyjiron Beginner Planted Aquarium 6 11-04-2009 05:40 PM Seachem Flourish Tabs. 2013/09/12 · Flourish ferts and Excel are quite safe used as directed for inverts. I've been using them for over a year on a shrimp only tank full of plants too, not a single problem with either one. Just don't overdose, or 'guessitmate' a dose. 2009/05/17 · I have a 6g tank w/ RCS and have been dosing Excel and the rest of the Seachem line of ferts N, P, K, Flourish and the plants and shrimp are doing fine. Becareful regarding the levels you dose at though. I am dosing either at or.

2018/01/29 · Tank specs: 10 gallon aqueon tank with 3 led lights, no heater with room temperature, water temperature is 20°C, filtration is a Top Fin internal filter 10, substrate is plain black gravel mixed in with. 2014/01/12 · I certainly don't have any issues, and my shrimp colony is growing like mad. The only product from Seachem known to possibly cause issues is Flourish Excel, the liquid carbon; used at more than the recommended dose, it has. 2011/04/13 · So my question is about adding Seachem Flourish to a tank that has shrimp. Now i know that copper is not good for any invertebrate much less a shrimp with paper for skin ha! So with that said can I add Flourish to my tank with.

2008/03/23 · I used Seachem Flourish excel for my plant tank, to provide the carbon, because there is no CO2 input. i wonder can i use it in my shrimp tank? i know it is safe for fish, not sure about shrimp. 2016/12/02 · flourish excel shrimp, flourish excel shrimp safe, seachem excel shrimp, seachem flourish excel safe for shrimp Toggle Width Language English US Home Contact Us Help Terms and Rules Top Forum software by XenForo. 2007/09/22 · I don't know what the difference between Flourish Trace and normal just Flourish is, but I use Excel and plain Flourish in my tanks with ghost shrimp, cherry shrimp, red ramshorn snails, pond snails wish they'd die, and apple.

2008/10/02 · Suzie Q wrote:A lot of people mention using Flourish and Flourish Excel? for plants. The bottle that I looked at lastnight Seachem's Flourish contains.0001% copper. Will this be ok for my shrimp? or should I get another type of. 2012/05/23 · Black Beard Algae: 3 Easy Ways to Destroy BBA in your Aquarium/Plus Keeping BBA from Returning. - Duration: 9:54. MASS Aquariums 92,873 views.

Seachem Flourish Excel 250ml Liquid Carbon Organic Carbon for the Planted Aquarium £ 9.59 Add to cart More In Stock Add to Wishlist £ 7.49 In Stock Seachem Prime 100ml Concentrated Conditioner for Marine £ 7.49 Add to. 2012/04/12 · Thanks for the feedback, This is what i was worried about, that flourish excel would possibly be OK for a shrimp on recommended dosing. But not so good when overdosing to combat Black Beard Algae. I have had a few tufts of BBA. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Seachem Flourish Excel Bioavailable Carbon - Organic Carbon Source for Aquatic Plants 500 ml at. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. DUNG DỊCH DIỆT VÀ ỨC CHẾ RÊU HẠI SEACHEM FLOURISH EXCEL là nguồn cung cấp carbon hữu cơ sinh học, có thể dùng để thay thế hoặc kết hợp với bình CO2 chuyên dụng để cây quang hợp hiệu quả mạnh mẽ hơn.

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2018/01/24 · Flourish AND Flourish Excel are a good combo, I do the same however when sales pop up but Flourish by seachem will cover WAY more ground for you and yes it is shrimp safe. It has measurable amounts of copper but they are no where even near the ballpark where your shrimp would even begin to even feel it let alone get poisoned by it. Flourish Excel Dosing – Right Way to Dose Liquid Carbon to Planted Tanks Flourish Excel is one of the best liquid carbons out there. It is made by the well-known brand in the aquarium hobby: Seachem. Flourish Excel cannot. FLOURISH EXCEL es una fuente bio utilizable de carbono orgánico. Todas las plantas requieren una fuente de carbono. Este es obtenido, normalmente, del CO2, pero también puede ser derivado desde Seachem Flourish® é um suplemento de planta abrangente para o aquário de água doce natural. Contém uma grande variedade de micro elementos importantes, oligoelementos e outros nutrientes. Estes incluem cálcio, magnésio.

2016/03/10 · Seachem Flourish Excel - yay or nay? Kisiel Planted Betta Tanks 4 08-15-2015 09:22 PM Should I use Seachem Flourish Excel? or the Flourish "non excel"? manami Planted Betta Tanks 19 08-31-2014 05:54 PM Flourish And 5. SEACHEM FLOURISH es un suplemento asimilable para plantas de acuario de agua dulce natural. Contiene un surtido rico de importantes micro elementos,.

Flourish Excel promotes the ferrous state of Iron and is a source of bio available organic carbon. All plants require a source of carbon. This is typically retained from CO2, but may also be derived from simple organic compounds. I use excel and flourish on my Crystal Red Shrimp tank with 5 Amano shrimp.but I half dose. No problems at all. Been dosing for about a month now. Alright thanks, think im going to only use flourish for now. I dont want to mess. Seachem Excel Seachem Excel has long been known to act as an algaecide. While not intended for this purpose, many have used it in an attempt to rid a tank, once and for all, from the dreaded BBA. However, the results vary. Seachem Flourish Excel is an additive for planted aquariums that is an alternative to gaseous CO2 injection. It is a liquid that you add to your aquarium daily that becomes a carbon source for your plants. There are limits to how.

seachem flourish killed my shrimp! - Tropical Fish Keeping.

2009/04/18 · My experience with Seachem Excel for shrimp tank is bad. I tried "shooting" BBA in my 30cm cube shrimp tank. The shrimps start to swim like crazy. So I panic and quickly turn on an airpump. Luckily no casualties. However I do.

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